Jean Baptiste Beaubien
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About Beaubien

How to Find Beaubien:
Beaubien School is located on Laramie, three
blocks south of Foster Avenue in Chicago.

The vision of Beaubien School is to provide a quality education to meet the needs of all of the children of our diverse population.

All students will develop their individual abilities to the fullest by exposure to:

  • Academics and technology in the curriculum (reading, math, computer lab, science lab)
  • A cooperative social environment (sports teams, cheerleading, dances, academic programs, yearbook, student Council, honor society)
  • The arts (music, band, chorus, the performing and fine arts)
  • Self-discipline and self-awareness (attendance program, assertive discipline program, community-based programs, character education and peer counseling, group counseling and professional counseling)

By addressing the multifaceted needs of each child, ALL students will be prepared to successfully complete high school and compete in college, vocational training or the work force.

The school was named after a French Canadian fur trader who is said to have arrived in Chicago around 1804 and purchased a great deal of land in the area. Jean Baptiste Beaubien Elementary was built across from the former Jefferson Park School, which was destroyed by a fire. The first class graduated in 1906.

Today the school has more than 1,000 students, has been ranked one of the top ten elementary schools academically in the Chicago area for over the past 10 years and provides mainstream K-8 classes as well as preschool, special education, gifted and bilingual education.

Annual School Report Card

Planned Improvement for the School and District
Beaubien has been consistent in all areas of student improvement due to the ongoing implementation of programs designed to enhance our academic curriculum. We have successfully introduced activities and programs that allow our students and staff opportunities to interact positively and cooperatively, which has contributed to the improvement of our school climate. We continue to increase our involvement in programs in the arts and we continue our efforts to promote self-discipline, self awareness and a sense of community. We have successfully integrated a gifted program with our strong neighborhood program. Our special education students have been included in the regular programs and continue to experience success due to the dedicated efforts of the staff.

While progress has been made in these areas of student achievement, we still strive to expand and implement more opportunities for professional development in order to continue and enhance our academic growth. We would like to increase funding to expand our extra curricular activities, library resources, science labs, classroom libraries and instructional materials.

Click here to Look Up the Illinois School Report Card for Beaubien Elementary

The Beaubien School garden was planted on May 28 and 29, 1999 as the result of a grant from Greencorp Chicago which is part of the City of Chicago's Department on Environment, Natural Resources, the Summer Environmental School Initiative. Their purpose is to provide horticultural materials, training, and assistance in creating gardens for Chicagoans and their neighborhoods.

See story on Centennial Gardening Project.

Although parking is now allowed along the park side of Laramie, Winnemac, and Argyle Streets, you may not park there between the hours of 8 - 10 am without a parking permit.

If you are volunteering for the day, you may pick up a temporary parking pass for the areas clearly marked by street signs along these streets. The area extends approximately 200 feet west of the school on both streets and on Laramie in front of the building.

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