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Beaubien School has a diverse population. It is a neighborhood school that has been ranked among the top elementary schools in Chicago for the past 10 years. Beaubien students won the Chicago city championship in the Academic Bowl 1992/2002/2004 and second place, Area 1, 2005.

It is estimated that 60%+ of the student population has a working knowledge of a second language. The school has had three additions in the past 100 years.

On October 31, 2005, Beaubien received a letter from the Department of Assessment and Accountability for the Chicago Public Schools. Our 2004-2005 status as a School of Excellence has been elevated to School of Distinction. This rating is based on the performance of our students on the Illinois Standard Achievement Test (ISAT) and the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). In addition, our status for 2005-2006 for NCLB (No Child Left Behind) shows that our Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) has been met in reading and math for every group measured. This recognition is the result of hard work on the part of our students, teachers, staff and parents. You should be proud. Keep it up! For more information About Beaubien

Look up the Illinois School report card for Beaubien Elementary Link to

ISAT Testing

The Illinois Standard Achievement Tests will be given March 13-17 to students in grades 3-8. Make sure you get plenty of rest before the tests. For extra practice tests, sample problems and questions, got to:

Stanford Learning First Testing

These tests are used to assess the degree of preparation and readiness of our students for the ISAT Test. Scores are used by teachers to assess the standards that have been mastered and those that need to be addressed. Grades do note depend on these scores. For more information on Learning First, go to: Stanford Learning First Testing These tests are used to assess the degree of preparation and readiness of our students for the ISAT Test. Scores are used by teachers to assess the standards that have been mastered and those that need to be addressed. Grades do note depend on these scores. For more information on Learning First.

Progress Reports Schedule 2005-2006

Every Beaubien student receives a progress report on the dates shown below. These reports are intended to provide an overview of the student’s performance through that period. It is part of the school’s goal for complete involvement of each student, teacher and parents (or guardians). Once the student brings this report home they are to return it to the school the following regular school day, with a parent or legal guardian’s signature.

3rd Quarter, (10 weeks). Starts Jan. 28th, ends April 7th. Progress report: March 7th.

4th Quarter, (9 weeks). Starts April 8th, ends June 16th. Progress report: May 19th.

Options Program
The Beaubien School Regional Gifted Center provides a full-time, comprehensive program with a differentiated curriculum for gifted students, grades one through eight. This program is designed to maximize the gifted student's potential. Students are tested and selected based on their ability to handle an advanced and demanding curriculum. Students are expected to accomplish eight years of regular Chicago Public Schools' curriculum objectives within six years in addition to the objectives delineated in the Center's state approved proposal. Presently, the Center's enrollment is limited to approximately 240 children. Generally, students are bussed to the center from the northwest quadrant of the city of Chicago, however, any identified student may attend as long as transportation is available. Free busing is provided for students living more than one and one-half miles from the school.

Administratively, the program is organized into three cycles: Primary, grades 1-3; Intermediate, grades 4-6; Upper, grades 7-8. The design of the program prepares children in the primary cycle for formal disciplines beginning at the intermediate cycle. Students at the upper level are prepared for advanced placement studies in high school. Upon graduation, most Beaubien students continue in selective enrollment programs such as the International Baccalaureate program at Lincoln Park High School (IB Program), Walter Payton College Prep, Lane Tech College Prep, Jones College Prep, Whitney Young and Northside College Preparatory schools.

The curriculum design of the program is accelerated and enriched. The science program has a strong base in the physical sciences, and honors hands-on biology. Mathematics instruction includes one year of algebra and possibly geometry. Social sciences focus on the study of economics, geography, world and American history. The literature and language arts curriculum consist of research and study skills, writing in numerous genres, vocabulary building, and the study of Shakespeare and the classics. The computer technology program involves projects utilizing problem-based learning incorporating essential technology skills and research techniques. Character education is incorporated into the program at all grade levels. Students study art and music which involves instruction in reading musical notation and the playing of a simple bar and wind instrument. The curriculum also includes logic, critical thinking skills, mythology and Latin. Students are encouraged to participate in the science fair, Latin Olympics, Academic Bowl and other academic competitions.

Students in grades 3-8 may participate in band and chorus programs. In addition, students in grades 6-8 can participate in sports activities and academic clubs, yearbook and drama.

Teacher selection for the program is based on specific content competency, evidence of a philosophy of gifted education and dedication to task. Aside from general training for the program, teachers also participate in special workshops, college level courses, in-services and summer training.

Special Education Program
We are busy writing about this great program! Check back soon.

Literature/Language Arts

We’re interviewing teachers around the school to see what’s happening in Literature and Language Arts. Check back often to look for our updates.

3rd Grade Lit.- The third grade options class will experience a lot this year in their reading course. Ms. Mazzuca's busy with her class reading novel series like Mr. Popper's Penguins, Tiger Rising, and In the Year of the Bear and Jackie Robinson. They are also exploring a wide range of world mythology, acting out plays in Reader's Theatre, and are reading short stories in the new Trophies series. The class is planning on writing to pen pals, and are anxiously waiting for the Old Town School of Folk Music.

3rd Grade L.A.- The third grade options class is enhancing their beginning writing and grammar skills. Oral book reports, interesting biographies, and fun riddle poems are just some of the things they will do this year. Students also will have spelling words and will complete grammar exercises. The classroom will also make board games of novels, which they will play during their holiday party.

At our school our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Options Program math is taught by Mrs. Levin. Mrs. Levin teaches around 90 kids. Her students are divided by ability into "A" or "B" groups for the 7th and 8th grade. The 6th grade does Pre-Algebra. The 7th grade "A" group starts Algebra/Algebra 2. The 7th grade "B" groups starts Algebra. In the 8th grade the "A" group takes Geometry, while the "B" group takes Algebra 2. Kids in Mrs. Levin's class have tons of fun. Students that take Algebra and Geometry take a Mid Term/Final, which is the CASE exam. This determines if you get a credit for high school for these courses. Kids in our school enjoy taking part in contests. Our earliest ones are in October throughout the rest if the year. The main places we go are Resurrection, Notre Dame for Girls, Fenwick, and Math Counts. For more information on the Chicago Public Schools Math & Science Initiative

Congrats Math Wizards

All students in grades 4-8 (optional for grade 3) participate in the annual science fair held in December. The science fair project is worth half of each students 2nd quarter grade.

Ms. Fleischhacker and Ms. Jeffers handle the Science Fair at Beaubien. Science fair projects must be completed early in the school year. Here's some helpful information to give you an early start on this important school project for grades 4-8 (optional for grade 3).

Science Fair Project Manual (this document contains general guidelines for science fair projects, students need to get actual due dates from their individual science teacher)

APA Style Guide (this provides helpful information for use when preparing a bibliography and research paper

Science Labs

Don’t miss a chance to meet some of the wonderful “friends” in our science labs. Here’s “Hope” the bunny hanging out in Ms. Fly’s lab!


Classical Latin is a subject studied in the Options Program here at Beaubien. All classes from 1st grade through 8th grade take it. Ms. Mazzuca, the 3rd grade homeroom teacher, also teaches Latin for the 3rd through 7th graders. She has been teaching Latin for 14 years.

The 3rd grade uses First Latin: Book 2, which is a textbook that explores everyday life in ancient Rome. The 4th grade switches around between the Ecce Romani 1-A (translation, vocabulary, and grammar), History through Art and Architecture, and Discovering Languages. 5th grade continues the Ecce Romani 1-A and also works on archaeology studies. 6th graders finish the Ecce Romani 1-A book, and start the Ecce Romani 1-B book. 7th then finishes Ecce Romani 1-B, and supplements it with Latin is Fun: Book 2. Both the 6th and the 7th grades work on skits, dialogues, and songs in Latin.

Every year, the 5th grade goes to the Art Institute for an Archaeology day, hosted by the Classics Dept. The Latin Olympics are a series of events and are available to 4-8th graders and this year, they are scheduled on March 18th. Some events are the Costume Contest, the Academic Tests, and the Art Contest. There are many more things. The National Mythology Exam is an international test taken around the world, which is open to grades 3-8. It costs about $3 to take it.

Computer Labs At the November meeting of the Beaubien Local School Council (LSC) over $58,000 was approved to purchase new computers in both labs. With all the new enrollment, the school has been able to invest money in 32 new PC’s and 31 new Mac’s. This is a great new addition because the computers haven’t been updated in the last 5 years. The old computers have been spread around the classrooms and they were replaced with new ones in the labs.

New computers are here!

Physical Education
Physical Education at Beaubien is an important part of every student’s life. We follow all of the Illinois State guidelines. Mr. Gierke and Ms. Hernandez are our instructors. We get to play many sports and games that we already know and some that have been invented by our instructors – games like 1 hand tag football, never out, survivor and more. While our sports can get extremely competitive, we pride ourselves in not having injuries. We run the Beaubien mile every year, which Mr. Gierke times and has the best times posted. We also do a jump rope contest to see who can jump rope the longest, the scores also get posted.


Our librarian is Ms. Manchester and she is busy selecting a lot of new books because we received $5,000 in matching funds ... which means $10,000 in new books and resources for our library. In addition, every teacher is receiving $150 to make purchases for their classroom libraries. Wow!

Web club members are busy interviewing teachers who handle each core subject area. Check back regularly for updates.

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