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Every student in Beaubien had a role in making the Centennial mosaics that are displayed throughout the school.

The Arts

A highlight of the 2004-2005 art program art program was the creation of mosaics that are mounted throughout the school. All students had some part in creating these beautiful tributes to The Joy of Learning. The PTO raised the money and parent volunteers played a big part in making this a reality. Read more.

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  • Art News Around the School …
    Students are having a fun year in art. The teacher is very enthusiastic and wants the kids to have the most fun out of art. Simple pattern ideas, portraits, landscapes, seascapes, abstract, clay work, famous techniques, and hopefully printmaking are just some of the projects planned this year.

    With new projects and exciting materials, the students will have a blast. Clay, charcoal, friendly plastic, paint, pastels, and the basics are many of the materials, which inspire minds to create art.


    Trinidad "Passport" Event for Beaubien 4th Graders
    Dancers and teachers from Trinidad International, located in the Old Irving Park neighborhood of Chicago, came to Beaubien in February 2006 to hold a dance and music workshop with our fourth graders. This is just another wonderful art experience sponsored by our Beaubien PTO.

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    Press on Wheels (POW) Comes to Beaubien
    Recently, Anchor Graphics came to our school with their program, Press on Wheels (POW). During this three-hour session students drew a sketch and later inscribed it with a needle onto a piece of transparent plastic. After this the students put on aprons and went to the sessions where they put ink on the plastic. Then they wiped away the excess ink to only leave ink in the spots where the lines are meant to be. Then it was time to make the print. There was a large machine and the students put their plastic with the inscription onto it. A piece of paper went under the plastic, where the print would go. Then the students turned a handle and a wheel rolled over the plastic forcing the ink onto the paper. Then the masterpieces were finished. This was a really fun experience for the students. We hope Anchor Graphics will return again next year.

    Old Town School of Folk Music
    In our school, the 3rd graders take part in the Old Town School of Folk Music program. There are two sessions, one in the Fall and another in the Spring. In the Fall, rooms 400 and 401 take part, while in the spring it is 205 and 206. The Old Town School of Folk Music program is really fun. The kids get to listen and play music from different parts of the world. There is even some tap dancing. Basically, there is everything you would imagine. This is a great experience for the 3rd graders and they really enjoy it. Our PTO helps to make this happen through its sponsorship.

    This section of the site is still under construction. Additional information on our music program (band and chorus) as well as our arts program will be added soon.

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