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School and Student News

Miss Jeffers Recognized by IMSA
Congratulations to our Miss Jeffers for being recognized as an Outstanding Science Teacher by the Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA). Teachers are nominated by former students. Francisco Zepeda, formerly at Beaubien, thought Miss Jeffers was a teacher who needs to be recognized for all she contributes to the science education of her students. Thanks for being a great science teacher Miss Jeffers!

Light Pole Banners
Support our school by purchasing a banner to hang on a light pole in our school neighborhood. The cost is $500. Call Peter Illing at 773-282-5286 for more information. The banners will hang until September 2006.

Dirt Mobile Visits Beaubien
The PTO sponsored visits from the Chicago Field Museum’s Dirt Mobile. The Soil Adventure Mobile (SAM) program had students experience many fascinating curriculum-tailored activities and displays associated with soil and underground life. With the help of the visiting Field Museum Educators, they examined live critters, and felt soil textures. Students were taught to distinguish between such specimens and soils, and later learned about the important roles that each play in our every day lives. It was then encouraged for students to use their new vocabularies in making their own observations.

This was a memorable experience that all of the students greatly enjoyed taking part in. The interactions between the Field Museum Educators and the students were amazing. A lot was accomplished, and everyone was left asking for more. Not only had the pre-visit activities, provided by the Field Museum, given the students with great insights going into, the post-visit activities greatly wrapped the subject up. Throughout the entire SAM program, students learned a lot while having a lot of fun in the meantime. Ask your third or fourth grader about it!

Student News

Congrats to Beaubien’s Math Wizards

Fenwick Grade School Math Competition

On Saturday, November 12, 2005, students from our school competed in the Fenwick Grade School Math Competition 2005.

Six Person Team
Sydney Bixter
Arthur Klisz
Peter Podlipni
Renee Psenka
Minda Rebholz
Alexandra Rojek

Two Person Team
Alexandra Rojek
Peter Podlipni
Individual Entries
Tyler Throop
Matt Rickard
Mircea Michalache
Tim Suh

The six-person team won 3rd place, and Arthur Klisz won 6th place in the individual competition.

Congratulation to all of the participants!

Notre Dame High School for Girls Math Competition 2005

On Saturday, October 22, 2005, our school competed in the Math Competition 2005 at Notre Dame High School for Girls. Beaubien sent two teams of girls, each team with 5 students. Congratulation to the following students that represented Beaubien:

Team 1:
Genevieve Beck-Roe
Sydney Bixter
Renee Psenka
Dana Trotta
Jamie Zysko
Elizabeth Hock – alternate

Team 2:
Bridget Illing
Shabana Karim
Minda Rebholz
Alexandra Rojek
Divya Venkat
Isabella Mancini – alternate
Kayla Velazquez – alternate

The students competed in two individual rounds and one team round. The students’ scores from the two individual rounds were combined to calculate their individual scores, and the top three scores from each team were taken together with the team round score to calculate the team score. Congratulations to Team 2 for placing 2nd in the team competition and on bringing back another trophy to add to Beaubien’s trophy case. More congratulations to the following students who placed as the top ten highest scorers.

Individual Winners
Sydney Bixter – 2nd Place
Alexandra Rojek – 3rd Place
Shabana Karim – 7th Place

Drug Free Winners
Thanks to the efforts of the entire Drug Free Committee headed by Mrs. Solka and the cooperation of all of the students and staff we had another terrific Drug Free Week at Beaubien.

Congratulations to the winners of the following contests who each won a prize purchased by the PTO:

Poster Contest
Primary – Eden Pham (405)
Intermediate – Bridget Schwartz (202)
Upper – Lisa D’Aquisto (300)

Essay Contest
Primary – Ricky Lester Jr. (403)
Intermediate – Athina Simotas (202)
Upper – Divya Venkat (308)

The Beaubien newsletter is published once a month during the school year to share news and information about the school. This is a great resource, so if you have not seen the most recent issue, print it now and look it over. Past issues are available here for downloading.

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