Jean Baptiste Beaubien
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At Beaubien School we have a wonderful PTO helping us pay for field trips, and many other things. The PTO makes sure that every year each classroom gets one field trip that would be free. This is made possible by the PTO. There is a treasurer, president, 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, 3rd vice president, recording secretary, and a corresponding secretary. Our PTO is always busy making sure the students of Beaubein are given an excellent education, providing for extra learning opportunities and social events that do not fit into the regular school budget.

The PTO is always looking for more members. Just because you can't donate that much of your time to the Beaubein PTO, doesn't mean that you are not needed. One person can make a difference, and maybe that's you. So join the PTO, and help your school as much as you can!

The goal of the PTO is to provide an opportunity for Parents and Teachers to work together to provide the BEST environment for all of Beaubien's Students with all of the monies raised remaining here at Beaubien. This year the PTO will again serve as the conduit for many, many activities and programs throughout the school year that serve all our children.

Volunteers are always needed.

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